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About Majestic Mirror & Frame

Majestic Mirror & Frame is a manufacturer, distributor, and innovator of LED and decorative framed mirrors for the hospitality design, retail furniture, multifamily development, senior living, and healthcare industries. The company was established in 1994 by Alan Mandel, who has over 40 years of experience developing and sourcing products for domestic and international clients.

Today, the company’s leadership team, including his children Josh, Adam, and Alyssa, has harnessed this experience to provide exceptional and innovative products at a competitive price consistently.

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Innovation + Quality + Service

Our Collection offers a new and versatile variety of products that include LED mirrors, contemporary mirrors, traditional and transitional mirrors, makeup mirrors, and cut & join mouldings. The Collection can accommodate traditional, transitional, and modern spaces. Our in-house design team strives to create quality, on-trend, functional, and environmentally friendly products. We use eco-friendly materials and efficient processes to meet the demands of clients’ design projects and dynamic consumer trends that drive the market. A unique selection of materials, including wood, gesso, urethane, metal, styrene, leather, shells, and skins, are utilized in our products.

The quality of a Majestic Mirror goes beyond its design, style, and craftsmanship — our mirrors are backed by an unwavering commitment to meet the demands, expectations, budgets, and time constraints of all of our esteemed clientele.

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