Custom LED Mirrors

Industry Leading Options

With CLEANLIFE® technology, Majestic Mirror & Frame can offer the most customizable LED lighting options specifically designed for our backlit mirrors. Only Majestic Mirror and CLEANLIFE® provide fully customized LED solutions for backlit mirrors, regardless of the order quantity! When an industry leading mirror manufacturer partners with a global leader in LED innovation, the result is unmatched expertise and endless capabilities for your projects.

Superior Quality. Endless Possibilities.
  • Choose your mirror style, shape and size.
  • CLEANLIFE® will design a custom tailored LED lighting, driver, and control system. Learn more about our LED options.
  • Majestic Mirror & Frame will provide a customized engineering drawing for approval.
  • Model room samples and rapid prototypes available within 4-6 weeks.
  • No MOQ required!

Featured LED Options:

Marquis Backlit Mirror
T5 LED Light Tubes
Flexible LED Light Strips
LED Light Bars
LED Panel Arrays