Custom LED Mirrors

Industry Leading Options

With CLEANLIFE® technology, Majestic Mirror & Frame can offer the most customizable LED lighting options specifically designed for our backlit mirrors. Only Majestic Mirror and CLEANLIFE® provide fully customized LED solutions for backlit mirrors, regardless of the order quantity! When an industry leading mirror manufacturer partners with a global leader in LED innovation, the result is unmatched expertise and endless capabilities for your projects.

Superior Quality. Endless Possibilities.
  • Choose your mirror style, shape and size.
  • CLEANLIFE® will design a custom tailored LED lighting, driver, and control system. Learn more about our LED options.
  • Majestic Mirror & Frame will provide a customized engineering drawing for approval.
  • Model room samples and rapid prototypes available within 4-6 weeks.
  • No MOQ required!

Featured LED Options:

Marquis Backlit Mirror
T5 LED Light Tubes
T5 LED Light Tube
Flexible LED Light Strips
Single Row LED Tape Light Strip
LED Light Bars
LED Light Bar
LED Panel Arrays
LED Panel Array