Backlit LED Mirrors

Innovative + Eco-Friendly + Bold Design + Low Maintenance
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Majestic Mirror & Frame has partnered with CLEANLIFE® ENERGY, a global leader in LED technology, to provide an exclusive collection of T5 LED Light Tubes™, LED Light Bars, TrueColor® Bendable LED Strips and LED Panel Arrays. Our led mirrors drastically reduce energy consumption, environmental impact and maintenance.

  • Up to 957 LUX (500%) Brighter!* Energy savings of up to 68%** or $27 per year per mirror***
  • Exceptional Color Accuracy, CRI 85 Glass free for safer working conditions
  • Frosted lens cover for even light distribution
  • Rotating end cap for targeted beam angle
  • Instant on, No Flicker, Mercury free, No UV
  • Lasts up to 30.5 Years, 15-Year Limited Warranty***
  • Available in standard 3000K and custom Kelvins (light temp.)
  • Available in all standard T5 length as well as custom lengths
*Compared with Traditional LED Tape Light Solutions
**Compared with Traditional T5 Fluorescent Lamp Systems
*** Based on operating 6 hours per day, 365 days per year, national average $0.12/kWh, and 3% kWh inflation per year.
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Strand Backlit Mirror
CAT 1 Vinyl backing included on all Back Lit Mirrors.
Frosting applied with finger print protection.
Polished and sealed edges.
1/4” triple coat silver backed mirror to prevent pin holes.
Color Accuracy, CRI 85
Available in standard 3000K and custom Kelvins (light temp.)