LED Mirrors

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Majestic Mirror & Frame has partnered with CLEANLIFE® ENERGY, a global leader in LED technology, to include T5 LED Light Tubes™, TrueColor® Bendable LED Strips, and LED Panel Arrays in our LED Mirror Collection. Not only does our cutting-edge LED technology substantially curtail energy usage and maintenance needs, but it also caters to modern design sensibilities.

Our LED Mirror Collection stands out with a diverse range of stunning styles, meticulously crafted with materials such as capiz shell, mother of pearl, aluminum, stainless steel, and many more. And for a tailored experience, custom pricing for our LED Mirrors is promptly available within 24 hours of inquiry, with delivery guaranteed between 12-14 weeks from order placement.

  • Almyra LED

    Almyra LED

  • Big Ben LED

    Big Ben LED

  • Breeze LED

    Breeze LED

  • Capri LED

    Capri LED

  • Claridge LED

    Claridge LED

  • Durham LED

    Durham LED

  • Galeria LED

    Galeria LED

  • Jerome LED

    Jerome LED

  • Luxx LED

    Luxx LED

  • Nelson LED

    Nelson LED

  • Skyline LED

    NY Skyline LED

  • Valley LED

    Valley LED

  • Zetta LED

    Zetta LED

  • LED Mirror


  • LED Mirror


  • LED Mirror


  • LED Mirror


  • LED Mirror